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Wrought Iron

1, iron molding: different decorative environment should choose the corresponding iron molding, in order to meet the needs of the environment and atmosphere.

2, iron material selection: the selection of materials is decided by three factors, hardness, aesthetics and economic practicality. Ignoring one of them is likely to bring you an irreparable regret.

3, iron design: iron according to customer tentative design, and other iron renderings, but if you need further, need to design more accurate.

4, iron art paint processing: paint such as the same person's clothes appearance, the selection of the suitable color will make your iron more explicit style and characteristics. For outdoor products, please consider the use of "special antirust process" to ensure that your products are not rusty for fifteen years after the installation of the products outside.

5, iron spends most of forging properties of forgings production products, each other by hand carved out, pay attention to appearance and personality structure, so the design also has special requirements, we must fully consider the feasibility and the beauty of form, so the production will be integrated by more than a factor of production, sometimes with the original drawing shape, structure and size deviation. If you have to make the original drawings, please explain in advance.

6, iron art: Tiehua belongs to the design and manufacture of a combination of products, endless decided Tiehua art perfect features of art.

7, iron security features: iron in addition to decorative performance, but also as a part of the building structure, such as stairs, doors, wrought iron fence, the art of height, width, strength and more stringent safety standards, you choose a product modeling must weigh these factors to make rational choices in order to meet the safety standards.

8, iron installation: the same style of iron, using different installation methods, may have a completely different results, so all need to install the project, are both technical staff on-site measurement, determine the relevant data, and signed a contract with the installation, the installation work smoothly.

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