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Performance Introduction Of Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe is a kind of cast iron, is a kind of iron, carbon and silicon alloy. Ductile iron Graphite is in the form of spherical, the general graphite size of 6-7, the quality of the requirements of the casting pipe ball level control of 1-3 (spherical rate Sinter), so the mechanical properties of the material itself has been better improved, with the nature of iron, steel performance. The microstructure of ductile iron tube after annealing is ferrite with a small amount of pearlite, and the mechanical properties are better.

Ductile Iron pipe is mainly called centrifugal ductile iron pipe, it has the essence of iron, steel performance, excellent anti-corrosion performance, ductility, good sealing effect, easy installation, mainly for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises water, gas, oil and so on. is the first choice of water supply pipe, with a high cost-effective. Compared with PE pipe, from the installation time, the ball-ink tube is simpler and quicker than PE pipe installation, and the pressure is better after installation and inside and outside. From the airtight and anti-corrosion, the ball-ink tube after installation of better tightness, but also through a variety of anti-corrosion means to improve anti-corrosion performance; From the point of view of the hydraulic performance, because the ball ink tube specification generally refers to the inner diameter, PE tube specification generally refers to the outside diameter, because the same specifications, the ball ink tube can achieve greater runoff; from the comprehensive installation and maintenance cost, the ball ink tube has a more superior cost-effective. Inner wall spraying zinc, cement mortar anti-corrosion materials.