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Future Direction Of Ductile Iron Castings

The energy-saving requirement of nodular cast iron has resulted in the redesign of parts to achieve the light weight and high efficiency, so it is necessary to remind designers to pay attention to the materials. Ductile iron is increasingly thought to provide a high degree of strength with a weight characteristic and can be produced at a lower cost. When the tonnage of ductile iron increases and market penetration is staggering, this material must not be seen to reach its full potential. Based on this, it is advisable to reconsider the possibility of casting iron mills without producing ductile iron.

It is therefore expected that with the replacement of gray iron, malleable cast iron and silver castings, the production tonnage of nodular iron can be seen continuously increasing. Publications are useful in helping to build the plant's strength in this area, although the value will improve. But the temperature of molten iron is lower than 1450 "C" after the inoculation effect is very poor, the RG value is almost unchanged. Available from table 3: The quality index of the inoculation of cast iron is 18% higher than that of metallurgical coke smelting with Foundry Coke, and it is worth noting that the relative hardness decreases by 3%.