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Appearance Inspection Of Ductile Iron Castings

Ductile iron parts, such as porosity, sand, slag, loose or shrinkage, such as macroscopic defects and poor spherical, grains too large, such as micro-defects, ductile iron parts can not be too dry or too wet, too dry to cause the mold not to fall off the road, too wet easy to fall off, ductile iron castings after molding, in the interior surface to be dried with a spray agent to avoid hot metal impact sand into the cast iron interior, ductile iron parts of the drying coating agent is generally used to ignite drying, because the coating contains alcohol, some sand will add cold iron, The role of cold iron is to accelerate the cooling and reduce the production of shrinkage.
Ductile iron parts inspection including the appearance of inspection, magnetic powder inspection and ultrasonic inspection, which is the most heavy in the appearance of ductile iron work, which needs a large number of grinding cooperation, in general, the appearance of ductile iron parts inspection requirements to achieve the following points, no cracks, no welding, no surface non-metallic inclusions and sand. Surface cleanliness, SA 2.5, surface roughness, A2 or other, stomata, C2 or other, cold septum, D1 or other, mechanical scratches.
Ductile iron castings in the appearance of the special attention to be noticed is the difference between the surface stomata and surface sand holes, the surface pores generally smooth inner wall, compared to regular exergy and surface trachoma is irregular, the interior contains more dust or its sand and other non-metallic sundries, ductile iron parts if the surface of the holes in the hole, can be compared according to the Scrata test block to carry out a comparison test, if judged as surface sand, generally to be polished, because most of the root of the sand will also extend to the metal interior, Ductile iron castings are not effective when shot blasting will cause roughness up to the requirements, nodular cast iron surface of oxidized skin, as well as the preservation of coating agents and other difficult to burnish the surface defects of large areas, should be considered to carry out a shot or grinding, because such defects will affect the appearance of inspection, especially easy to produce surface sand mud missing.