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What is the difference between water supply ductile iron pipe and drainage ductile iron pipe

Ductile iron pipes and drainage ductile iron pipes are different uses of ductile iron pipes, so there are some differences between them. Their material is gray cast iron, just in the distribution will have a certain difference, then give us a specific introduction. There are a lot of people who may not know much about cast iron, so they will also share the kind of cast iron. Hope will help people who are interested.

Ductile iron is a spheroidal graphite and a inoculant in molten iron before melting and casting, and the fracture is gray and white. Code-named QT, ductile iron after heat treatment can be better mechanical properties, high strength of Le, wear-resistant, and good casting performance, low prices, in many places can replace steel, some important pipe valve shell also used ductile iron replacement steel castings.

Water supply ductile iron pipe and drainage ductile iron pipe material for gray cast iron, because the water supply ductile iron pipes need to withstand pressure, commonly used HPT200, HT250 gray iron, drainage ductile iron pipes commonly used HT150 gray ductile iron pipes, water supply ductile iron pipes are centrifugal pouring, the appearance of iron pipe is smooth, if the socket-type ductile iron pipe, then the deep, pipe wall is thicker, single root tube length of 6 meters.

The drainage ductile iron pipe Some adopt the vertical mold pouring, or the small centrifugal pouring machine casting, the iron pipe outward appearance is coarser, the single root tube length is 3 meters, the bearing mouth is shallow, the tube wall is thinner, the water supply ductile iron pipe divides into the work pressure 0.45MPA low pressure tube, 0.75MPA medium pressure Tube, 1.0MPA high-pressure tube, the factory must be in accordance with the specifications of the water pressure test, qualified before the factory, drainage ductile iron pipe only for appearance inspection and knock a knock on the sound check, no blowhole, cracks and damaged audio for qualified.

Cast iron is divided into several categories, pig iron is a carbon content of more than 1.7% of the iron-carbon alloy, which also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements, silicon, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus content, the impact on the quality of pig iron is very large, iron in the form of carbon in different, can be divided into white, gray cast iron, malleable cast iron and the four major categories of graphite.

White some carbon and iron in the form of FEAC, the fracture is silver-white, high hardness, and very brittle, can not be used for cutting processing, directly in the industrial use of not much, often used for refining malleable iron raw materials.

Iron and carbon in gray iron in the presence of ferrite and graphite, the fracture is gray, codenamed HT, Gray cast iron strength and plasticity is lower, but the casting good grinding, cutting processing is good, with reduced vibration and low notch sensitivity, gray cast iron in the presence of graphite, so the lubrication, low melting point, the crystallization range is small, so cast iron casting performance, graphite in the iron in the formation of holes, so there is damping and antifriction performance.

Malleable cast iron is the white iron through heat treatment to make the graphite present in the group Floc, codenamed KT, Mahima Steel, the fracture is gray-black, the texture is softer, has a certain le, the strength is higher than gray iron, commonly used for casting complex, wall thickness and thin pipe accessories and mechanical parts.

Company to strong technical force and first-class processing testing equipment, in accordance with the Gb t13295 standard, the production of centrifugal cast iron pipe and pipe fittings, compact structure, high compressive strength, wall thickness uniformity, fine workmanship, smooth surface, complete varieties, can be widely used in chemical floors, indoor and outdoor, building water and drainage works.